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Laughing with Cancer

Dec 12, 2014

      Show #10

"Stress and the Holidays"

What time is it?  Well its Christmas time pretty baby!

Turkey day, bake or fry?  How many people dropped the turkey or caught their house on fire?

To Amazon or not to Amazon?  That is the Question.

Christmas music?  Elvis music?  Of course Elvis music...Its Elvis.

How tall is to...

Nov 18, 2014


                                                     Show #9


                                        The Power Of Laughter


Cruising: Went on a cruise to Mexico and the Catalina Island.


Whose tail: Went deep sea fishing in Mexico and hooked some big yellow tail.  


Light The Night: The Light The Night Walk for...

Sep 22, 2014


         Show #8


      “Be Aware”


Be aware of what? : It’s Leukemia awareness month… Blood cancer awareness month… Childhood cancer awareness month and prostate cancer awareness month.


Flood in the desert: The I-10 floods in Phoenix.


Go see a movie with ACTION! : Expendables 3… November Man... And...

Aug 24, 2014


 Show # 7


 "Bedside manner"


 The big C word: How were you told you had cancer?


 Back to school: Kids start high school at 9th grade.


 Bedside manner: Good or bad?


 Pedestal or no pedestal: Dr's are people too.


 Patience have attitudes: Elvisrico gets tattoos when Dr's told him not to


 Stories of bedside...

Jul 18, 2014


Laughing with Cancer Show #6


"Let’s Talk About Stress Baby"


July:  USA! USA! USA!


July is be aware of what month?  Bladder cancer, skin cancer and sarcoma cancer.


Lets raise money:  Light The Night Walk for Leukemia Lymphoma Society November 7th.


5K  race:  The R.O.C race November 15th in Phoenix.