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Laughing with Cancer

Apr 6, 2017

On today's show of laughing with cancer our guest is DR. Brian King an acclaimed comedian and Psychologist who travels the country conducting seminars to tens of thousands of people a year. His book "the Laughing Cure" is in stores now (amazon is where I got mine) where he explains how laughter can help you with what...

Mar 16, 2017

Sugar is a killer and at some point we all need a good detox. On today's show we talk a little about sugar and why it's bad for you. So sit back and let me jabber at you for a bit and remember Peace! Love! and stay laughing

Feb 18, 2017

Like most cancer survivors we all have a story to tell, a journey of sorts when it comes to this roller-coaster ride we call cancer. On today's show of Laughing with Cancer our guest is a musician a teacher and is trained in method acting.  She also has a masters degree in vocal performance and pedagogy, not to...

Feb 1, 2017

Hi all!

On today's show of Laughing with Cancer we talk a little about how to cope with your disease be it cancer, death, other illnesses, job loss, or even a new president we all need to cope some way or another. so sit back and let me jabber with you.. Peace Love and stay laughing 

Dec 10, 2016

HI my friends and Merry Christmas to you all! On today's show we talk a little about what happened in November you know the election and all that nonsense. Most importantly we talk about essential oils. Aromatherapy is a natural modality that can help patients cope with all kinds of illnesses like chronic pain, nausea,...