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Laughing with Cancer

May 19, 2015

Show # 016

 "Come what May Mr. Lupus"

On this episode of laughing with Cancer, we talk a little about a chronic illness called Lupus. It's May and it's Lupus awareness Month! it may not be cancer but it can be just as debilitating.   My youngest daughter was diagnosed with lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus) when she was only 13.   She is now 21 and has had alot of problems and complications with her disease.  So we got a little familiar with what lupus is, how you can control it, and live a long life with it.  Like any other kind of chronic illness, you must do your part to better your journey. Making sure you eating right and exercise is a big part in helping with the symptoms of any illness especially Lupus and cancer.  I hope i'm able to answer some questions you might have had about Lupus, for those who don't know what lupus is. Check out the show and find out what we have learned about Lupus. I also talk about a few other things but (in a nut shell), it's mostly about Lupus. PEACE! LOVE! and stay laughing