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Laughing with Cancer

Jun 27, 2014


                                             Laughing with Cancer show #5


                                                "Good old fashioned R & R"


Rest and relaxation: Elvisrico and his girlfriend Julie go to La Jolla beach for 6 days.


Duck’s the name: Neighbors upstairs have a pet duck named Duck.


The Incredibles: Elvisrico puts on a wetsuit and looks like the dad from the movie The Incredibles


Backpack girl: Drew Alyssa Dawson backpacks across California.


Yoga man: I’m guessing saying good morning to someone doing yoga is the wrong thing to do.


Meeting people and making friends: Met a lady with cancer, a lady that’s a cancer survivor, and a guy with chronic illness and pain.


Stingray anyone: Elvisrico hooks a thornback stingray while fishing on the pier in Mission beach.


Beads and More: Juan and Julia owners of Beads and More tell us how making jewelry relaxes you and takes your mind off things that are stressing you at that moment.


THE ROC RACE: 5k race in Phoenix on November 15th… come join us for loads of fun.