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Laughing with Cancer

May 7, 2014

 Laughing with Cancer Show #2 "MOTIVATION"

Elvisrico talks about what gets you moving, what gets you out of bed, and what gets the juices flowing
What Motivates you?
Is it anger?
Is it death?
Is it fear?
Is it music?
Is it a podcast?

Elvis tells his girlfriend he will "allow" her not to go to the gym, making her mad, which in turn motivates her to go and excercise.
Elvis's friend on facebook is motivated by a little girl with Microcphaly
Elvis say's silly stuff on Twitter and Facebook to motivate himself and others

Elvis does cardio listening to VIVA ELVIS, then 80's rock

Elvis daughter has lupus. 

Elvis Jr was robbed of $500 at gun point

Elvis gives props to Keith and the girl for saving his life