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Laughing with Cancer

May 21, 2014

Laughing with Cancer Show #3.  How do we cope?

ELVISRICO HAS A NEW THEME SONG!! Sung by none other than..... Elvisrico

Elvisrico talks about different ways of coping.

Kaitlyn's dad passed away a year ago. How she has been coping and what she uses as an outlet.

Elvisrico explains to Kaitlyn why boys are pigs.

Elvisrico's girlfriend has had to cope with the loss of 2 ex-husbands and her boyfriend (Elvisrico) has cancer.

OH?! Did I tell you there's a new theme song?!

Several people emailed Elvisrico on how they cope with cancer.

Andy Kennedy's mom has lung cancer and tells Elvisrico how they cope. (This guy did Elvisrico's new intro with

Elvisrico explains how friends and other people try to help you cope with words of wisdom and end up saying things you really don't want to hear.