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Laughing with Cancer

Feb 25, 2015

Show # 013

"What are we even talking about"

Once again Elvisrico's son (Erik Gunner Baisley) joins in as they discuss what has happened since the last show.  Warren Sapp gets arested for soliciting a prostitute after Superbowl XLIX (49) and fired from the NFL network.  2 Chainz is mulling a run for mayor of College park, GA. Why you might ask? Who knows why, but he's got his "Middle finger up to the competition" Ahh geez.  A follow up on 17 year old Cassandra C; the teenager undergoing forced chemotherapy in Connecticut and why she is forced to stay in a group home.  Why should pediatricians be turning away unvaccinated patients from there practice?  Do you agree?  DOCTORS EXCITED BY NEW CANCER TREATMENT! We like to call it the "Navy Seal team 6" of cancer treatments, but they call it "Glivec" or ST1571.  Last but not least, a 51 year old Nigerian man is purchased as a toy for a rich white kid. "What is the world coming to!", I ask you.  This and much more on Laughing with Cancer.