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Laughing with Cancer

Mar 28, 2015

Show #014


On this episode of Laughing with Cancer we get a little serious, we talk with my oldest son and part time co-host Erik (Gunner) Baisley and how he deals with PTSD.  From boot camp, to being deployed to Iraq, and how he copes with his PTSD.  He tells us what it was like in boot camp and how they tear you down and in his words "to dirt level" just to build you back up.  He explains how he felt about going to fight for our country and being a solider ever since 9/11.  He explains how a soldier feels when they come home and the mindset you take on from being in combat. From the moment he left to Iraq and we found out he was a rabbit gunner, his mother and I were both worried sick for his life. I cant imagined how he must have felt as he explains, waking up everyday and wondering if  that day would be his last. Working with the Navy Seals and having one particular seal teaching him a lesson about situational awareness by choking him out at random several times throughout the week, until he was always on guard. Like most parents of Soldiers fighting for our country, all we can do is hope and pray, that they come home in one piece.  However, what we dont realize is that even though they may have come home with no visual scars, they come home with mental and emotional scars. PTSD can lead to depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug abuse and even thoughts of suicide. With the help from their family, other loved ones and even the VA, our soldiers can work through their PTSD, one step at a time. I would like to thank my son Erik and all the other young men who fought and died for our country. I'm very proud of you and i will always be there for you, love you bud.


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six and a half years ago

I couldn't resist commenting. Perfectly written!