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Laughing with Cancer

Aug 19, 2015

        LWC Show #18

   "Trying to stay positive"

Hi all tis I Elvisrico, and welcome once again to Laughing with Cancer show #18. On todays show we try to stay positive and talk a little bit on how life can hit you with all kinds of curve balls and how we can change some of all the negativity going on in the world.   Well try to anyways with Facebook and all the other social media bs out there it's kinda hard.  I myself have had some curve balls in the last month and a half but what can you do but try to stay positive.  My computer went down and down hard, curve ball, positive side I'm able to use my girlfriend's laptop for now and try to save what i can on my laptop.  So with this show I'm hoping not to ramble on too much about negativity and help you with staying positive.  I would like to give you a little something to think about when your trying to find your happiness.  Remember my friends happiness is a mod not a destination.  This and much more on Laughing with Cancer so sit back and listen to my BS for about 30 minutes or so and try to tell yourself it could always be worse.  I also want to remind you to donate to the Light the night walk on November 7th for the Leukemia Lymphoma society, talk about doing something positive and making a difference in so many life's.  Just go to my website  and click on the link "Light the night walk" and BOOM! There you go, tax deductible donation.  With that said stay strong, be a warrior stay a warrior and try to stay positive.

PEACE! LOVE! And stay laughing