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Laughing with Cancer

Oct 27, 2015

LWC Show #19 "Rocky Road"

With Guest Matthew Williams

In this show of Laughing with Cancer we talk a little about where I, Elvisrico, has been.  You see I haven't done a show in about 2 months, I'll get in to that in a bit, but for now, I'm back and feeling better about myself and life in general.  I want to help spread the word about a few people I know that are struggling with their own demons called cancer, and the rocky road or roller coaster ride they have to look forward to traveling.  This will be one of many stories of the fighters, the survivors, and even the loss of loved ones that are battling this crazy thing called cancer.  My guest and friend Matthew Williams (or as his friends on twitter like to call him, @ lorddrachenblut which means dragons blood) is just one of those fighters and survivors.  In 2013 after heavy weight loss, an increased difficulty in swallowing and keeping food down, along with severe back and abdominal pain he had no choice but to eventually break down and go to the doctors where they found a 9cm large mass in his abdomen.  Moving forward to 2014, they would find out he was at stage 4 of esophageal cancer.  Needless to say Matthew has been through the ringer, so with no further ado I give you my friend and cancer fighter @lorddrachenblut, Matthew Williams.