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Laughing with Cancer

Nov 22, 2015

LWC Show #20 "Cancer Queen of Comedy"

With guest Miss Nikki

On this show of Laughing with Cancer we have a very special guest, Veronique Martinez AKA Miss Nikki or as some like to call her the Cancer Queen of Comedy. Miss Nikki lives in Chicago Illinois and is a mother to a beautiful daughter and a wife to a wonderful husband.  Miss Nikki is a cancer fighter/survivor and standup comedian. In 2010 she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and decided to take this negative and turn it into a positive by becoming a comedian, she wanted to help others think positive through their battle with cancers of all types. Miss Nikki has graced the stage at various venus and comedy showcases, such as Zanies Chicago, Abbey pub, Jokes and Notes, Laugh Factory and many others.  Miss Nikki has been in films such as "Here comes Flabby Hoffman" in 2014 and has appeared as an extra on "Empire" season 2 and Spike lee's "Chiraq" and has a role as Miss Nikki in an independent film "open Windows" which is slated to be released by 2017.  Miss Nikki is such an inspiration to so many people surviving and fighting cancer and is living proof that cancer really does hate laughter.  So with no further ado i give you Miss Nikki Martinez "The Cancer Queen of Comedy"