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Laughing with Cancer

Feb 9, 2016

Lets just start off by saying DID YOU SEE MY BRONCOS WIN THE SUPERBOWL BABY??!!  That's right the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24 to 10... So the Broncos are Superbowl #50 champs.  This month is Valentines, or as I like to call it " I Love You Day" and also cancer awareness month.  Male breast cancer is a cancer not to many people think about, but it happens.  It's said that over 2,200 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and that over 450 men die from it per year.  Most people have always thought breast cancer to be a women's cancer and like most men we're too stubborn to go see a doctor, by the time we do it's too late and the cancer has spread.  For most men with breast cancer, when caught in the early stages, survival rate is around 90%.  Breast cancer is rare among men but it does happen. So, what do you do to become that 90% if diagnosed with breast cancer? What are the emotions you go through as a man having a so called "women's disease"?  On today's show of Laughing with Cancer we have one of the worlds youngest male breast cancer survivors.  At age 24 he was diagnosed with breast cancer and from that point on his journey began as an advocate for men with breast cancer.  He's the founder of the MBCC (Male Breast Cancer Coalition) and the Bret Miller 1T foundation "saving second base one boob at a time".  Here to talk about his foundation and bring awareness to male breast cancer is Bret Miller.