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Laughing with Cancer

May 18, 2016

The new single RISE by Sixx AM is out off there new album Prayers for the damned VOL.1... ACE'S 10 my friends! So lets talk a little about NIKKI SIXX and SIXX AM and some talk about Motley Crue.   Speaking of RISE (pun intended) a 64 year old man in Massachusetts had the first penis transplant in the US this month.  He had his penis amputated after he was diagnosed with penile cancer in 2012. A new drug causes cancer to "melt away" in patients with advanced leukemia and a revolutionary treatment uses HIV to reprogram cells into fighting cancer, crazy stuff going on. It's also May and that's Lupus awareness month.  With that said, sit back and listen as I stumble over my words and chat with you for a bit. PEACE! LOVE! and stay laughing