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Laughing with Cancer

Feb 1, 2015


   Show #12

 "Heart wants what the Heart wants"


  Happy Valentine's day!!!


  Guest Erik J Baisley joins us on the show.


  Not only is it Valentine's day, but its also "American Heart month" makes sense.


  Congenital Heart defect awareness week (February 7-14)


  No glove no love, "condom week" (week of Valentine's day) again, makes sense.


  To eat or not to eat, Eating disorder awareness week (last week of February)


  Erik's ex was a little on the crazy side.


  Having a bad day? Man in China has his penis cut off twice in one day.


  National "Wear Red" day (first Friday of February)


  Does the state have the right to force your child to undergo chemotherapy?


  Cassandra C. 17 in Hartford, connecticut is being forced to do chemotherapy against her will.


  Chemda of "Keith and the girl" is getting married to Lauren Hennessy in Hawaii.