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Laughing with Cancer

Oct 30, 2020

Hi my friends! We're all most there, less than a week away from the big day right? Let's keep our fingers crossed! Be prepared to sit back, have your gummie ready, and your MIND BLOWN. On another note, please check out my friend Nicole Crombie's Gofundme page. She has stage 4 breast cancer, and she could really use some love. We all know how this rollercoaster ride works.... With it being "Covid times" and people can't see each other in person, check out my Fiverr page and request an Elvis Cameo for any occasion, or actually, any kind of voice-over work you might want. (No audiobooks though, it would take me weeks to read through it!) Sp sit back, strap in, and get ready to have your mind blownnnnnnn!

Peace! Love! And stay laughing!